Clinic - Shilpa Bhouraskar

Hello, I'm Shilpa Bhouraskar, and I'm delighted to share my journey and the unique approach I bring to homoeopathic practice.

I graduated as a Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery in 1997, obtaining a medical degree in India. My early career involved training under experienced homoeopaths in Homeopathic hospitals and clinics. For the initial seven years, I practiced as a homoeopathic GP in India before relocating to Sydney, Australia, in 2004, where I continue my practice today.

Having worked with thousands of patients across diverse cultures and countries, I've gained a wealth of experience in addressing various forms of sickness and health. Alongside my private practice, I am actively involved as a teacher, presenter, and clinical supervisor. I have been associated with all major Natural therapy colleges in Sydney, Australia, and have been a speaker at conferences across Australia and New Zealand.

One of my passion projects is my online training Academies, where my panel of 25+ expert homoeopathic practitioners engage with Complementary and Alternative medical practitioners from across 74 countries. Our lectures, seminars, online courses, and blog videos aim to simplify and deepen the understanding of complex homoeopathic strategies, drawn from real cases and our extensive experiences.

I also lead 'The Argentum Mentoring,' an online homoeopathic mentoring program providing personalized one-on-one case mentoring. This program guides homeopaths through the challenges of case management.

As the author of the ebook series 'When your favourite approach does not work,' I share a distillation of success strategies from the world's most accomplished homeopaths. The series simplifies homeopathic case management, providing valuable insights for practitioners at all levels.

I've established the online community "Homoeopathy network," which now boasts over 20,000 practitioners utilizing various forms of homoeopathy. This vibrant community fosters collaboration, idea-sharing, and mutual learning to enhance professional development.

Together with my husband, we've developed the user-friendly and powerful homoeopathic software, ‘HomeoQuest.’ Through online tutorials, I've trained over ten thousand practitioners in effectively using HomeoQuest for case analysis in their practice.

In my private practice, my vision is rooted in exploring, experimenting, and understanding how homoeopathic principles can restore balance and harmony physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Drawing from my diverse clinical background, I appreciate and respect both homoeopathic and conventional medicine, allowing me to offer a unique perspective on integrating these systems.

Specializing in long-term chronic conditions, especially psychosomatic issues, my goal is to guide clients towards a fulfilled, fuller life. Collaborating with them, we explore the root causes of their illnesses and create personalized homoeopathic treatment protocols. It's immensely satisfying to facilitate their journey, empowering them to live life to the fullest, achieve their dreams, and resist stress, illness, and disease.

I look forward to being a part of your health and wellness journey.

Warm regards,
Shilpa Bhouraskar