Clinic - Shilpa Bhouraskar

Shilpa Bhouraskar graduated as a Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery from India in 1997, which is a medical degree in India.
Further she trained under some of the most experienced homoeopaths in Homeopathic hospitals and Clinics and practised as a homoeopathic GP in India before she moved to Sydney, Australia in 2004 where she is currently in practice. Today she brings together her unique experience having worked with thousands of patients across both countries and cultures in all varying forms of sickness and health.

She is a popular teacher, presenter and a clinical supervisor. She is associated with all major Natural therapy colleges in Sydney Australia. She has spoken at conferences across Australia and New Zealand. She runs the Homoeopathic Network where she teaches over 2000 homeopaths across the globe through her extremely popular monthly video sessions.
Her lectures, seminars, online video courses and blogposts have been popular for simplifying and deepening the understanding of complex homoeopathic strategies gathered from her wealth of experience and real cases. She uses the best of cutting edge technology and homoeopathic skills to bring together interactive homoeopathic learning for her students.

She also runs 'The Argentum Mentoring, the first comprehensive online homoeopathic mentoring program which offers personalised one on one case mentoring by a panel of homeopathic experts to guide homeopaths past the many obstacles in homeopathic case management.

She is the author of the ebook series ' The Quest for Simillimum' which elaborates the simple yet effective Stages concept which is a distillation of the success strategies of the world's most successful homeopaths. This understanding demystifies the entire homeopathic case management which leaves the reader saying 'I wish I'd heard all of this sooner'.

Further she created an online community"QuestConnect". Today this vibrant community has over 200 practitioners using different forms of homoeopathy.They connect and brainstorm ideas, share cases and mutually learn from each other to develop professionally.

Along with her husband, she has created the homoeopathic software ‘HomeoQuest’. Today this user friendly and incredible powerful software complements the homoepath's though process during a case analysis. Shilpa has trained more than a thousand practitioners through her online training tutorials in using HomeoQuest in their practice to successfully analyse their cases.

My vision through my private practice.

When I ventured into Homoeopathy my Quest was about exploring, experimenting and learning how the mind and the body interact during disease and health and how the homoeopathic process was applied to help re-create balance and harmony physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Through my specialised medical training as a homoeopathic doctor in India, I had the privilege of working with experts in the field of both homoeopathic and conventional medicine in various integrative clinics and hospitals. This not just helped me appreciate and respect both systems of medicine but also enabled me to gain a unique clinical perspective regarding the pros and cons of using both models in the sick.

Eventually I graduated as a Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery in 1997 and worked as a homoeopathic GP in India for the first seven years of my practice
In the last 15 years of my clinical journey I have been able to successfully integrate various forms of homoeopathy in thousands of clients at differing levels of sickness.

Today I practice in Sydney Australia and specialise in working with clients who are specifically struggling with long term chronic conditions especially psychosomatic conditions that stops them from leading a fulfilled fuller life.

Using my specialised knowledge, experience and expertise I work with these clients to help them explore and trace the cause of their illness and together we create a homoeopathic treatment protocol to suit their exact need and help them reach a level of health and vitality they have never experienced before.

It is an immensely satisfying process to work with them and facilitate their journey. The long term outcome is to help them live life to the fullest, achieve their dreams and vision by resisting stress illness and disease.